The Bhalopahar School was established in the year 2004. There were few trees lined up along the main road of Bhalopahar and so, Jayati Chakraborty, one of the resident members of Bhalopahar started teaching some of the boys who were essentially cattle-rearers for their families, under the shed of these trees.

Following our miniscule success, we decided to make a more formal effort, and started distributing leaflets at a local haat- a market place that opens once in a week, in order to encourage the villagers to admit the children of school-going age at the new School which Bhalopahar was going to start shortly, free of cost.

Thus, a school started with 65 boys and girls at the main hall of Bhalopahar in the same year. Majority of them were from the local tribes and their families were below poverty level. There were only two teachers at the time: Kamal Chakraborty,the founder member, and Jayati Chakraborty.

In the year 2006 three rooms were built in the backyard of Bhalopahar. Mithun Chakraborty , a legendary icon of Indian cinema came to Bhalopahar to shoot a film.

Owing to his, and a few others' generous contributions, the school building was made: a two-storied building, enhanced with toilet and tube-well facilities.

A school that started with only Grade Nursery, today has a cohesive teaching-learning process, with the involvement of parents as well as members of the Bhalopahar society, up to the 7thnd Grade.

Prodip Patra, Headmaster of the school also joined in the year 2006, and the local educated youths are also recruited as new teachers, from time to time.

The School eventually received the Government's affiliation. Some students who used to come from remote villages started residing at the Bhalopahar complex.

Within a subsidized rate, Bhlaopahar provides books, writing pads, stationaries, bags, school uniforms, shoes and other essentials. New garments are also provided during the festival of “Durga Puja”.

The State Bank of India donated two school buses in the course of two consecutive years. Now the students are able to come from places that are far away, with no expenses.

Breakfast and mid-day meal is provided to all students free of cost. The visitors occasionally sponsor delicious treats for the students as well. The students are also taken for excursions to Kolkata, Digha, Jashedpur and other nearby towns.

In the year 2015, Bhalopahar School received the “Telegraph Award” within the category called “The School who cares”. “Life Insurance of India”, a government undertaking insurance company funded for a new school building, which can incorporate much more than 200 students, which is the current strength.

With the said fund, a big new school building has come up in the recent past with a Park and an open-air theatre stage, to also encourage co-curricular activities among the children. Our main ethos are Respect, Love, Dedication and Sacrifice.

We believe that we could only run this school in the lap of nature for the past 17 years at such a remote village in Purulia, only because of the love and blessings of the uncountable kind-hearted souls that walk this mother earth.