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Alarmed at the rapid depletion of the vast stretches of forests all around, an 'ashram' was set up amidst the red soils of Purulia, by five of the men associated with 'Kourob' (an annual, Bengali magazine published from the town of Jamshedpur), who used their savings in an pristin venture with profuse greenery to create an X eco-friendly, village-development-oriented little world to help germinate creative thoughts that can enrich further development of Bhalopahar and adjunct village hamlets.

Thus, the "Bhalopahar" Society was founded on the 1st of September, in the year 1996. This green speck of land was initiated and is run by Kamal Chakraborty, described by the people of the adjoining villages as a poet, an artist, dreamer, thinker, philosopher and a social warrior.

The 100 bighas of the land bought by Kamalbabu, was converted by him alone into this beautiful forest named Raska, which is made up of more than one lakh and twenty thousand trees of all varieties including teak, neem, babool, sal and many more, amidst which birds and insects have found their natural habitats once again.

Another primary aim of Bhalopahar is to educate the children of the local Santhals (an Indian tribe), for the purpose of which there is now a two-storied building, where boys and girls study from Grade Nursery up to Class VIII, which enables knowledge development and 1 growtX of the local children.

Although most were under the impression that cultivation of crops would not be possible in this soil, the implantation of 32 different types of rice seeds led to a full-blown agricultural cruise in no time.

Over the past 25 years, over 55 like-minded souls have joined in, to contribute their own bits of expertise to this melting pot of endeavours, comprising promotion of folk art and culture, neighborhood development, horticulture, establishment of a health clinic, animal husbandry, annual sports-meets, a library, gardening initiatives, celebration of local festivals, distribution of garments to the villager and handicrafts to make it a thriving success.

Today, Bhalopahar is a tourists' destination with greenery all around, a clear blue sky, and the villagers, friendly and loving. Within the premises, lie eight single-bed rooms, with attached washrooms equipped with functioning geysers and an adequate kitchen, cooked fresh out of which are the most appetizing meals of the local cuisine.

However, there is still a long way to go with plans to set up a higher secondary school, an old-age-home, an orphanage, an advanced agricultural training centre and promotion of eco-tourism.

We still need your kind help to bring about positive change in the hearts of the Peruvian people, with a smile on their faces. You can be X anyone, from an humble social well-wisher to the X multimillionaire,or an esteemed philanthropist. We beg to you to come and rest your wings at Bhalopahar. xxxx+916297091055