Bhalopahar's health clinic began in the year 2007. Shekhar Basu Mullick ,one the active members used to conduct health camps by bringing in eminent doctors from Kolkata. Being a remote region, there are hardly any medical facilities available there, coupled with the dearth of even basic drugs and painkillers. Government hospitals are mostly non-functional, as well.

Dr Ashis Kundu and Dr Chanchala Kundu supported initial health camp initiative, and were at a certain point, associated with Rajhara Hospital of Mr. Shankar Guha Neogi.

Thereafter, Dr Punyabrata Gun, a doctor/philanthropist paid a visit a couple of times and then advised to open a health-care center , and made a commitment to support the same by providing an experienced health-care personnel.

Accordingly, he arranged Mr. Dilip Mahato a registered medical Practitioner (RMP) who is present at Bhalopahar at all times, all year round.

Dr.Gun also arranged for the provision of medicines at a subsidized rate from Community Development Medical Unit (CDMU). Dilip Mahato currently treats patients, who are coming from 20 to 25 Km away or more, for the past 14 years.

On an average 50 patients are treated per day. Meanwhile, the Bridge And Roof-a Government Undertaking Construction company, helped us establish a single storied building with two separate rooms, bathroom, a water pump and an associated park to serve as a waiting area for the incoming patients.

The camp x still continues. Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee, Dr. Shekar Mukharjee, Dr. Atanu Das, Dr. Snehashis Barman, Dr, Soma Dutta, Dr. Debabrata, Dr. Oisharjaya are the regular visitors from Kolkata, who help in its effective functioning.

With the assistance from Shramajibi Hospital x located at Belur andHowrah, we successfully conducted a few heart, hydrocele and hernia operations for the local people free of cost, along with quite a few cataract operations needed by the local old folks.

There is also an ongoing nursing training initiative, in favour of the local educated girls who are then sent to reputed hospitals in Kolkata and Howrah for a secure source of earning.

Our health care initiatives, by averting diseases and illnesses, serve as a huge source of relief to the people of the region.