Once with the buying of two Bullocks by Jayatii- a full time resident of Bhalopahar, agriculture was established successfully, she then considered developing an animal farm-mainly to ensure a nutritious diet, comprising milk and egg for our school students.

She purchased 6 cows from a local villager, after which the Department of Animal husbandry, Govt. of West Bengal made a provision for 6/7 cows and calves, out of which 3 were taken ill. Despite our struggled attempts, we could not make them survive.

Geese of three different breeds were purchased soon after, alongside local hens. After several hurdles, a cowshed, 200ft in length along with a hand operated tube-well was built, along with the supervisor’s room.

At present we have 70 cows, 60 hens and 10 geese. Barring this, we have initiated fish farming in both our ponds, and are also engaged in vermiculture, to feed the fish. Plans to expand our farm are constantly in the making, but lack of availability of human resources poses a major challenge.