Bhalopahar was established in 1st September in the year 1996. Same day of each year we celebrate foundation day with local inhabitants and or school children.  Festival generally starts with few word of Kamal Chakraborty, our mentor, who recapitulates our fight in the past, update us about our ups and downs of our present days
Bhalopahar heath care unit organizes heath camp frequently, where renowned doctors mostly from Kolkata help in diagnosis of critical patients and advice future course of treatment. In some cases, Bhalopahar organizes funds for operation of critical patients.
Bhalopahar organizes following Annual school program. Independence Day: 15th August Republic Day: 26th January Birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: 23rd January Environment Day: 5th June Annual Sports: First week of December
On 26th September of each year we celebrate “Iswar Mela” on the birthday of Pandit Iswar Chandra Bandopadhyay commonly known as “Vidyasagar”. He was a great Educator, Social Reformer and Author. In 17th century beginning during Bengal René assai he introduced simplified Bengali alphabets and types, which are still followed in Bengali script. He successfully
Each year on the day of “Dol Purnima” (Full Moon in the month of Falgun) Palash Mela is celebrated. As per Bengali calendar Falgun & Chaitra (Mid-February to Mid-April) spring is celebrated in every part of Bengal. Biggest event in spring is “DOL UTSAV” (Festival of Colour). On that very day we celebrate Palash Mela